Samsung's new streaming music service is called "Milk" and it will give free, ad-free tunes to owners of Galaxy devices.

The service is powered by Slacker's human-curated catalog and back end. What sets it apart is its slick interface built by Samsung.

Genres are grouped into big categories like "dance" and "alt/indie," and within each of those categories there are sub-genres like "house" or "indie sleepover." You can navigate around more specific categories from a drop-down menu where 200 odd stations are numbered.

Milk will let you personalize your taste by the same mechanics as Slacker and you can browse through different stations like how you do when you're in your car.

While that's great, it's still not Spotify or Beats Music quality yet. But it wins because it's free. Samsung is treating music as added value for people willing to invest in its hardware and that's a smart move.

Milk is hitting Google Play store today, and it will only work with Galaxy devices released since the S3. Check it out here: [Google Play]