Billions of dollars are going to be spent to absorb WhatsApp into Facebook's ecosystem, but privacy watchdogs are worried. A group called EPIC is now asking for government intervention.

EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center) has filed a complaint with the FTC, according to the Washington Post and say that hundreds of millions of users exchanging an unfathomable number of private messages shouldn't just take WhatsApp's word for it when they say Facebook won't tap its data.

Sounds reasonable to assume of course.

WhatsApp users didn't expect Facebook to own WhatsApp (and their data), so further safeguards are required, says EPIC:
By failing to make special provisions to protect user data in the event of an acquisition, WhatsApp "unreasonably creates or takes advantage of an obstacle to the free exercise of consumer decisionmaking."... Specifically, WhatsApp users could not reasonably have anticipated that by selecting a pro-privacy messaging service, they would subject their data to Facebook's data collection practices.
They want a federal investigation:

Will this deal be able to go through?