Dyson's bladeless fans aren't only aesthetically pleasing, they're actually functional. But after four years of the product, its Air Multiplier line is finally getting a major update. Dyson engineers were tinkering for a while on ways to make the fans quieter, or up to 75 percent quieter.

The engineers reduced the turbulence of the high speed air created by a larger space inside the base. They also reduced airflow obstructions throughout the fan meaning they could switch to a lower power and quieter motor without reducing the fan's performance.

Which is great, because the white-noise like sound coming from the older Air Multipliers can actually be pretty loud.

Available in three sizes and three different color schemes (iron/blue, black/nickel, and white/silver) the new AM06, AM07, and AM08 Dyson Cool fans will run $300, $400, and $450 respectively. [Dyson]