Samsung spent an estimated $20 million on its Oscars campaign and it was a hit, according to researcher Visible Measures.They found that in the three-day period since Samsung's "Amazing Things Happen" aired during the Academy Awards, the videos in that campaign were viewed or referenced on social media 222,681 times.

In addition, the campaign received 489 tweets and 13,953 Facebook interactions (likes, shares, comments.) The campaign, which included five minutes of commercial time during the show gave the brand a 6.2% rise in views for the year to date.

Ellen DeGeneres' use of an iPhone backstage during the Samsung-heavy Oscars wasn't a big boost for Apple. Apple's year-to-date views were 11.2 million before the show and 11.4 million afterward, a jump of 1.7%. Apple, of course, is coming off three big launches from late last year: the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C and the iPad Air.

Samsung is gearing up to introduce its long-awaited Galaxy S5 in April.

The figures did not include a possible Samsung lift for DeGeneres' group selfie, which now has more than 3 million retweets.

It was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note. ABC prompted DeGeneres to use the phone for that purpose, according to The Wall Street Journal.