This is the world's first ever smartshoe called Le Chal. It means "Let's go" in Hindi and it was designed by Anirudh Sharma from MIT's Media Lap, and Krispian Lawrence. They work as haptic navigation devices that you can connect to your smartphone.

How do they work? You first tell your phone where to go using the app's voice recognition software and the app uses GPS to plot the course from your location. Once you're on your way, the shoes will vibrate when it's time to turn. The left side for a left turn and the right for a right turn. The vibrations will get more intense as you get closer to your destination.

The shoes will only be able to give you navigation routes, but won't be able to tell you what's in your path, so you'll need to be cautious at intersections or watch out for random objects.

The shoes also work as a pedometer and help you measure the number of calories burned on your trip.