The ear mounted PC worn by Joaquin Phoenix in the film "Her" was a pretty cool idea. Here's a prototype that resembles its function. 

Created by Hiroshima City University staffer Kazuhiro Taniguchi, the prototype device's interface uses infrared waves to detect when the wearer opens and closes his mouth. It will use those command signals to send back to the device.

Taniguchi, calls the Bluetooth device an Ear Switch. It features a compass, barometer, a speaker and microphone, gyro-sensors, a battery and GPS functions.

The video below shows just how seamlessly the Ear Switch could be used to guide a person through their daily life.

Taniguchi also believes the Ear Switch's sensors could serve as a tool to monitor the wearer's health. There's not much technical details behind the device just yet, so it may just be a concept product for now.

Still, it is pretty interesting and for one, you may not get beaten up wearing it as much as Google Glass perhaps.

According to a report in the Nikkei, the developer hopes to team up with a major firm to release a commercial version of the device sometime in 2015.