Google's Ara modular smartphone platform aims to sell a simple version of the phone for as little as $50. That spells lots of profits for poor countries!

Time took a dive into Google's modular smartphone, revealing some interesting details along the way. The concept which follows from R&D by Phonebloks and Motorola remains at Google because it kept hold of the Advanced Technology and Projects group when it sold Motorola to Lenovo.

According to time, Google's plan is to create a "grayphone" - that means a barebone, customizable exoskeleton that will come with little more than a screen, frame and Wifi radio. It should only cost $50 and will be "designed to be sold at convenience stores". Burner phones, this is big competition! Users would be able to customize their device, however they want.

There will be an on-board app allowing the user to tweak soft design elements as well, and Google's Paul Eremenko told Time that users would use special kiosks to upgrade physical components.

It is exciting to see how this project would fly. Stay tuned. [Time]