The average reader reads at 220 words per minute. And most of us read from left to right and we often circle back for context because we might be thrown off by the sheer number of words on a page. This sort of habit waste lots of time. So here's an app called Spritz that will help you to speed read.

The app displays one word at a time. Sprtiz removes the need for scrolling and it places each word at the "Optimal Recognition Point (ORP)". It is the placement in front of our eyes that's best for reading comprehension of each individual word. Each word flashes for just long enough for you to recognize and record it before the next is flashed.

The company claims that some folks are able to read at 1,000 words per minute using the technology. If so, reading a novel, which has an average of 80,000 words could be done in less than two hours. What do you think? No harm trying it out.