Sarah Slocum claims she was assaulted and robbed in a bar for wearing Google Glass. Is society rejecting wearable tech in public places already?

Slocum is a contributor at Newsdab, and she arrived at Molotov's Bar, early Saturday morning around 1:45 a.m., according to her YouTube page. She was verbally and physically attacked by "Google Glass haters" shortly after entering the bar.

One of the assaulters went as far as to snatch the headset off her face. Slocum managed to recover it. Her purse and cellphone was stolen, but police have yet to charge anyone in the incident.

As Slocum describes on her Facebook page, the verbal assault began shortly after she arrived at the bar. She showed off Glass to someone when two girls began treating her with hostility.

Slocum began recording the girls' behavior using Google Glass, and she informed them that she was doing so. That was when the verbal assault turned physical.

How will wearable tech thrive if the response is this negative?

Check out the videos below:

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