Have you ever texted and walked into something or someone because you were too engrossed with what's on your phone? Folks, that's dangerous.

A forthcoming app will turn your phone's microphone into a second set of ears to keep you from accidents. According to Technology Review, New York based company One Llama will release a safety app called Audio Aware next month.

The app uses the company's "Audio Intelligence" software to listen to the world around you for a host of template sounds you might want to be aware of. One of them for example, is the sound of screeching tires. The app will immediately make you aware of it when it hears it.
When a sufficient match, such as a car horn, is detected, it will cancel any audio you're hearing and pipe in an amplified version of the sound it's picking up, or perhaps a cartoon-like version of that sound that is easier to recognize.
The company is currently soliciting queries from developers that are building apps or devices that might benefit from being able to intelligently listen to the world. Do you need this app? [One Llama via Technology Review]