Samsung unveiled a flurry of wearables at the Mobile World Congress 2014. The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit. The latter is the most interesting, not only in terms of design but its positioning and functionality. People might actually want this!

Gear Fit could be the type of mass-market wearable Samsung needs to make people forget they created the Galaxy Gear no one wears in the first place,

Samsung dropped the "Galaxy" moniker from its wearable line because it wants to keep "Galaxy" focused on tablets and smartphones.

The difference with the Gear family in 2014 — aside from a better design and more refined components — is that there are now multiple products available.

The Gear Fit has a lot of smartwatch-like functionality built-in, but it's clear Samsung is using it to target the burgeoning fitness band market.

What do you think of it?