A lot of companies are going to be pushing Minority Report-like technologies pretty soon. Soon, it won't be sci-fi anymore. It could be real in June if software company Dizmo gets its way.

The company has just surpassed its $25,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter, and its savvy user interface could be available by June. The interface allows customers to move, swivel, shrink and expand any app, from maps to spreadsheets or videos on televisions, tablets and glass surfaces.

"In short, Dizmo is taking the ability to interact with your digital life to the next level," Matthias Aebi, Dizmo's co-founder and CEO, said in a video on Kickstarter.

Dizmo launched its fundraising campaign on Feb. 6, completing its monetary goal in under two weeks. So far almost 300 have people donated to Dizmo, according to Kickstarter.

No word on pricing yet but one thing's for sure: The future is going to look like this. At home.