Eco Factor: Solar-powered clock delivers city information.

It’s always difficult to find people you want to meet, especially if you live in an overcrowded city. Designer Serdar Sismas is trying to kill two birds with a single arrow. Sisman is the inventor of Meeting Point, a conceptual place, where meeting people will no longer be a problem. The minimalist design of the place does not restrict purview so people can see each other easily.

The meeting point is designed over a fully functional solar-powered clock to allow people to describe their exact location during crowded times. The structure comes with a solar generator which powers an information monitor where people can get all types of information from addresses, maps, roads and other places worth a visit. The solar panel harnesses enough energy during the day to power the clock, the information module and the ambient light during nighttime.

The Dark Side:

The design looks good, but is not feasible for the real world. Technology has already bestowed us with mobile phones which are better to tell a location and get additional information such as maps and roads via GPS.

Via: Coroflot