Eco Factor: Residential complex for Palm Jabel Ali is powered by photovoltaic panels.

The Palm and Palm Jabel Ali islands in Dubai have caught the dreams of many ultra-rich individuals around the globe. KEO International Consultants is one of the design firms that is bringing these dreams into a realistic form. The architecture firm has designed a deluxe residential complex for Palm Jabel Ali, which not only brings cheers on the faces of those interested in buying a luxury apartment in this part of the world, but also caters to the needs of all eco-minded individuals.

The elegant design hosts 25 residential floors composed of up to three bedroom apartments, townhouse garden units and deluxe penthouse units that sit above the podium. A floating horizontal plane extends between the two podiums with a swimming pool and fitness center suspended above it. The terrace is covered with a canopy structure that is lined with photovoltaic panels to generate enough energy for the building.

The Dark Side:

The residential structure is not lined with solar modules and the amount of solar panels needed to power 25 residential floors will be much more than what can be incorporated in the roof of the building. Only if KEO goes for extremely efficient modules, which will also increase the cost of the apartments, will they be able to keep the complex off grid.

Via: WorldArchitectureNews