Eco Factor: Colorado-based solar farm owner doing his bit for the environment by offering free car recharge.

The future of our planet seems bright and cool whenever we see somebody doing his extra-bit for the environment. Colorado-based Jim Duke, a person who spent $84,600 for solar farm is not only powering his cars with the energy gained from the sun, but is offering the same to all other who pass by his farm and that too without charging them a single penny for the green electricity. Jim’s solar farm is able to produce 15 MW of solar electricity annually, which he uses to keep his house off grid and power electric cars.

Jim’s eco-efforts have made him eligible for nearly $51,000 in federal state, local and power company credits, but the eco-minded individual thinks that it’s not the time to think about money, it’s time to do some actions and he has already started doing his bit in all possible ways.

The Dark Side:

The efforts put in by Jim Duke are highly commendable. We don’t think it’s correct to analyze his efforts critically.

Via: Gas2