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A lot of people use AdBlock, because they really don't like looking at ads and helping out websites survive. So what if someone built a device to do the same in real-life?  Read more
TECH NEWS    Jan 29, 2015 12:18
By now we should all know how dangerous sitting all day can be. But sometimes you can't really help it if that's what your job requires you to do. The only way to circumvent that is by introducing furniture that forces you to stand. But can you really be comfortable working while standing up?  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jan 29, 2015 11:18
It looks like the folks from Man at Arms: Reforged aren't just good at making weapons you see from live-action films. Even weapons in anime look just as good.  Read more
GEEK ART    Jan 28, 2015 19:43
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