Modder extraordinaire Ben Heck is growing disciples like Chia Pets, and his forum poster SifuF's new Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R is an incredible little portable N64. We're sure he's made the Heckster proud.

The Sixtyfree Lite-R features a 5-inch screen, headphone jack, C-button stick, and the smallest case we've seen yet in a portable N64 mod. It's got all the buttons on a traditional N64 controller, which is no small feat, and manages to evoke the same toy-like plasticky design aesthetic as the original console. The only caveat? No batteries. The case is too small to hold an internal battery, although SifuF notes that you can clip an InfoLithium battery onto the back in addition to the standard 7.2v supply it was designed for. Take a gander at the gallery below, this is one incredible job. [Ben Heck Forums]