Are trailers about to get a facelift? This is the Caravisio, and it is the result of designer Knaus Tabbert's reimagining of the traditional caravan.

Tabbert has created a mobile trailer that looks as if it were a yacht! He calls the Caravisio "the caravan of the future," and we can see why just from the looks of it.

The trailer is equipped with a full size bathroom, kitchen, retractable rear deck and modular furniture. There's also a ceiling mounted projector for movie nights and glass rear doors can be tinted to appear frosted over. You can unlock the doors via a fingerprint scanner.

Many of the systems can be controlled via a smartphone app, and while Tabbert doesn't have any plans to mass produce the Caravisio, we sure hope it doesn't stay in concept forever.

Knaus Tabbert, via Gizmag