The rumor has it that Apple will built the sixth generation iPhone out of Liquidmetal. So Antoine Brieux got down to work to draw a mock up of the design and here's his latest work. If only the iPhone would look like that.

His concept looks like a hybrid between an iPhone 4S and a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. His iPhone dubbed "iPhone LM" design is slimmer than the current generation's and its screen went from 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches.

He replaced the iPhone 4S's steel antenna band in a Liquidmetal alloy case to give it extreme durability and to decrease the smartphone's weight. The usual spec-bumps include a 10-megapixel camera and quad-core A6 processor.

The designer also designed a virtual home button, so instead of a physical button that would eventually wear out from too much use, the virtual home button fades away when the apps are open to provide more screen space.

It's nonetheless a concept and from Apple's experience and track record, designers have never really gotten around to predict what they would actually look like. Still, we're wishing it does look like this.


NAKStudio, via NowhereElse Image credit: Antoine Brieux