If you're in the kitchen a lot then you'll find this very interesting. Kitchen ventilation. Its necessary! Gaggenau creates some awesome solutions to keep your cook space aired out, while looking modern and refiend.

The VL 430/431 ($450) is a built in countertop downdraft. Its made from stainless steel and the system has flaps that close when you're not using it to keep your counters looking nice and neat.

Then there's the VL 051 Vario cooktop extractor, which is an extendable arm that can be positioned as close as 2 inches above the stove to as high as 16 inches. It rotates at 90 degrees on both sides when its at its tallest. This would be able to keep your place from smelling like a bbq pit.

Fans have three power levels, and it works with other appliances, so it's compatible with non-Gaggenau hardware.  [Appliancist]