This is actually a ride. An Oakland based Burning Man vet is selling this Meals on Wheels on Craiglist, in the form of a milk carton and cereal bowl.

The 1992 Ford Explorer was first created for the 2010 Burning Man and in case you're interested in buying the car, here are the details:

The mutant vehicle/ art car consists of: - An 8x8 foot, 25 foot tall milk carton tower that holds 4+ people - A ten foot diameter fiberglass cereal bowl couch that seats 10+ - 80 custom made cereal shaped pillows for chilling out in the bowl with friends, old and new. - A lighted spoon ladder to get into the cereal bowl from the ground. - An irresistible fiberglass slide to get from the carton back down to the Playa. - A lighting extravaganza (bowl is rope-light lined inside and out, carton contains a bazilliion (4000) individual LED lights so you can be seen at night). The vehicle is driven from the upper carton area with it's own steering wheel, gas/brake control, and emergency kill switch, but the original vehicle driving position is still an option, if preferred (and with a spotter).

Street legal? Don't bet on it.  [Craigslist via Laughing Squid]