An office environment can be tough, especially since you see the same people in and out every other day more often than your own loved ones. It can be tough, and if you behave improper, things can get worse for you. The Wall Street Journal has put together a list of common things that make coworkers hate you.

Check out the list of "not to dos":

Sucking up to the boss
Poor cubicle etiquette
Not fitting in

One of the more cutthroat things people do is explained by senior editor Charles Purdy:
"Bcc is almost always a dangerous idea. Transparency is important-it prevents you from seeming sneaky. If you are bcc'ing someone to get someone else in trouble, you are being the office jerk."
Getting along with your coworkers might just help you survive the office environment a little longer. So get to it!

Why Co-Workers Don't Like You | Wall Street Journal

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