A new survey is saying that email is still a more popular mode of Internet communication. Previously, we were thinking that social media will eclipse email and make it a thing of the past but this is far from over!

Private research firm Ipsos polled 19,216 adults in 24 countries last month and found 85% of them used the Internet for email while 62% used it for social networking. Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos, says she expected email use to trump that of social media.

“If you think about it, the Internet was first used for sending letters online. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re using a digital version of sending a letter,” she says. “But the fact that a majority of people are using [the Internet] for social networking is a paradigm shift; there’s no equivalent in the offline world.”

Communication on the Internet differs from country to country. In Hungary, 94% go online to use email while only 46% do so in Saudi Arabia. 83% in Indonesia use the Internet for social networking, and that's also high in Argentina (76%), Russia (75%) and South Africa (73%).