Diablo last came out in 2000 with Diablo 2. Now, after a decade later, Blizzard is rolling out the much anticipated third entry: Diablo 3. And it officially ships this May 15.

You can preorder a digital copy of the game right now through Blizzard according to the company. For fans of World of Warcraft, ponying up for an annual pass to the MMO will also net you a copy of Diablo 3 for free.

Diablo 3 PC/Mac Game
Behind the scenes DVD and Blu-Ray Two Disc Set
Collectors Edition Soundtrack
The Art of Diablo 3
Diablo Skull and 4GB USB Soulstone
Diablo 3 Aesthetic Artifacts (in-game)
World of Warcraft pet (in-game)
Starcraft 2 Battlenet Portraits (in-game)

Diablo 3, via Maximum PC and Joystiq