Marty McFly's "MAG" sneakers are real, and they cost a bomb though. Of course, it doesn't come with auto laces. Nevertheless, all proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox foundation to continue it's research in search for a cure for Parkinson's.

How did Nike designed the sneakers? The video after the jump explains it!

Tinker Hatfield, Nike's VP Design & Innovation designed the MAG — short for magnet. According to Frank Mashall, Back to the Future II's executive producer, the sneakers were designed for a specific scene and that was the one where Marty rides his hoverboard. In order to replicate the motion of kicking the hoverboard, he needed sneakers with "anti-gravity magnetic powers."

Hatfield says it's not impossible to believe that by 2015 that the sneakers could have magnets: powerlacing sneakers could still become a reality.