Skype has been used in a couple of long distance weddings before. We've even talked about one here too. This time, it let a mother watch her daughter's wedding dance before she died.

Photographer Andrea Boettcher was tasked to capture these moments.  The mother of the bride was terminally ill with cancer. The wife-to-be, Ashley Broering was originally planning to elope, unable to cope with the strains of her mother's imminent death and plan a wedding. Doctors had told Ashley that her mother had only days to live, so she went in another direction, and wated everyone in her life in one place for her wedding.

Andrea recounts a beautiful, and beautifully 21st century solution:

On the wedding day I showed up and saw the laptop in the ceremony venue, I was told [Ashley's mother] was definitely not going to make it to the wedding but they were working on getting Skype set up for the ceremony. They did get it set up by the time Ashley walked down the aisle and and she witnessed the entire ceremony. It was beautiful and emotional and Ashley and [husband] Beau stopped and said a few words to her during the whole thing. After the ceremony they set the laptop up in the reception hall and people stopped by to chat and talk with her, she got to witness everything and it was amazing and sad all at the same time. A few weeks after the wedding Patty passed away but I know Ashley is so glad that because of technology she was able to share the day with her mother.

[Coily Photos via Reddit]