Newsflash! You're not the only one whose skin isn't perfect. Models too! So here comes the magic of software! Taking away those pores, and making blemish free images! All the stuff we see in magazines and billboards and tv ads all around.
Here is the photographer, M. Seth Jones, on his process:
In these selected images, you can witness first hand the impact that retouching has the potential to make on a single image. Every image presented to me has an ideal state, that I'm attempting to reach; retouch is so completely subjective, that it is likely that no two retouchers will approach an image in the same manner, or reach the same finished outcome. At this stage, it's clear to see that retouching, at least the way I approach it, is not so much about tapering necklines and re-sculpting facial structure; but rather, sculpting light, and the way it falls on the subject, as well as clarifying the distinctions between the individual colours of the image's palette. This ensures that every element sits harmoniously within the final frame, enabling that ideal state to be presented to the viewer with little-to-no visual distractions.
Rollovers [M. Seth Jones]