This house is 100% self sufficient and was created by Robles Arquitectos. The house is isolated from civilization and has no access to public power cables, sanitation or water. The house uses water from the forest, and also serves as a power source thanks to two low impact hydroelectric turbines that crank 800kWh. The roof, can also generate 10,800kWh of electricity from its solar panels.

All the proposed materials were tested in order to evaluate its behavior on the difficult environment that the Osa peninsula has because of its humidity, high percentage of rain, mould, fungi and its flora and fauna.

According to the architects, the house is the first stage of the ISEAMI Institute (Institute of sustainability, ecology, art, mind and investigation):

The house is the main area of the institute, therefore, it's design will serve as a multifunctional place in order to host activities as Investigation, meditation, training, Yoga and joy at the terrace located in the first level. At the same time, the Institute director will habit the house on the second level.