Golden Shellback Splashproof coatings mean that you no longer need to worry about your precious gadgets getting ruined by water damage.  The coating gives the devices a water repellent barrier, which means that if your child decides to throw your cell phone down the toilet, or if you accidentally spill a drink on your laptop, it will still continue to work.

Originally invented for mariners who get more than their fair share of gadgets exposed to water, the company is now looking for a partner to help them market the product, so that it can be used by the general public for everyday electronic devices.  At the moment you have to send them whatever you want waterproofed

It is quite impressive to see how the music continues to play on the MP3 device even when completely submerged underwater.  If the price is reasonable enough, it would certainly be worth when you consider the cost of replacing an expensive cellphone or your precious laptop with all your vital information.

Also a must for anyone with kids!
Golden Shellback coating produces a vacuum deposited film that is nonflammable, has low toxicity and has the ability to weatherproof electronic devices and other surfaces. (golden-shellback)