Omejo's Wireless Shoe Covert Camera is specially designed for super-secret spy guys. Or perverts. There's a tiny camera hidden in the shoe that transmits video to a receiver with a 3 inch display.

On top of that it also functions as a tri-band GSM cell phone and can record wireless video signal from 250 feet away. This shoe sounds like its everything!

The most important thing is that this handset is a normal handset, you can listen to music equally,and it can also receive the 2.4GHZ signal as a handset receiver, enables you to be possible a better hidden camera,it is engaged in the espionage activity, our shoes CAMERA is your best choice.

Thankfully the shoe is also quite expensive. Whopping $320 bucks. Which will set apart the poor perverts and the rich ones. Nevertheless, dangerous!

[Omejo via RedFerret]