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Designer Adam Voorhes has come up with a yacht that is designed to run on renewable energy, making use of sustainable techniques to lower its overall environmental impact, like many other yachts on the open sea.

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The Riparian Yacht is a hi-tech yacht which creates a proactive relationship between the user, the yacht, and the environment around it. The design facilitates a dynamic structure which has the ability to change according to the need and conditions.

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The transformable yacht carries systems that can perform a wide set of operations ranging from a change in the yacht's aerodynamics to improve efficiency to the alignment of the skin to let in natural light or block it altogether.

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The Riparian has a pool on the aft deck and the reflection pond on the perimeter of the Venture deck that aesthetically blends the body of the yacht with the open water. With self-sufficiency as the major concern, the Riparian Project involves the use of hydrogen fuel cells and photovoltaic cells that are embedded in the superstructure to generate all the energy needed for propulsion and onboard systems.

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[via Ecofriend]