This homemade jetpack by a Canadian dude cost around $2500. We're not sure whether or not you'll be sent flying but we're pretty certain it isn't safe.

Jet Pack — Jumps You 10' in the Air

Handcrafted by myself Using Car and Airplane parts. I spent 15 years as a mechanic. Can Use for 2 High Jumps 10 feet in the air with a safe landing before overheating, takes about an hour to cool down after that.

weighs 53lbs, approx Camping backback in size , dull grey in color.

serious buyers only can test out on my property and of course watch me first for safety reasons and training.

If you're looking to impress chicks with the possibility of you flying then I'm sure you'll strike a chord on that one. Other than that I think let's just pass on this one. [Used Victoria via Geekologie]