This eco-friendly concept car is fueled by hydrogen fuel cells.

Aston Martin, like all other supercar manufacturers, is trying to figure out the best possible source of green fuel, which make its cars eco-friendly without having to sacrifice the car's performance.

Car designer James Trin is helping out the company with his concept vehicle, dubbed the Aston Martin Volare.

The two-seater is designed to be powered by a high-power fuel cell stack located between the front seats; a rear-mounted battery pack; and a coaxial electric motor at the front.

The car carries two hydrogen storage tanks directly above the vehicle's rear axle to balance the weight of the vehicle.

The design ensures the car brand doesn't lose its signature Aston Martin look in an effort to go green. The design carries a solid front grille inspired by the older V8 Vantage, while the fenders can also alter their shape to reveal the headlights.

Via: Ecofriend