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Formula Zero strives to bring thrill and high-speed racing without any harmful emissions. Organized by a Dutch company, the car race requires vehicles that are powered by hydrogen-fueled engines that emit water vapor as they race across teh tract at a top speed of 45mph.

formula zero

The company notes while they are starting small, they still have big plans. For now they're using go-karts but are hoping for full-sized cars by 2011. Auto manufacturers like Tesla have already incorporated hi-end electric engines in their vehicles with the company's Tesla Roadster achieving 60mph in just 3.9 seconds. The next step will be to spread this technology in other vehicles.

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Recently, the Formula Zero racetrack witnessed a green race, where teams from Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain competed. It was pretty intense, and Belgium won the race.

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Via: GreenDiary/The Independent