Virginia Tech's entry to this year's Solar Decathlon is named Lumenhaus and is designed (Like all the others) to offer off-grid sustainable living.

The Lumenhouse home is an 800-square-foot, 1-bedroom residence with an open floor plan that can be extended to the outside decks. Integrating an innovative Eclipsis System which uses advanced weather monitoring systems, the shading system is automatically opened or closed depending on the weather.

The Eclipsis System also offers advanced insulation, which allows natural light to illuminate the interiors and stops summer heat or winter cold. The roof, which is composed of double efficient solar cells, are bifacial and enhances energy generation by almost 15%.

Other green features include grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, radiant floors, energy-efficient LED lighting and a home management system. The house can be controlled by smart phones to allow owners to switch off any appliance that has been carelessly left operating even when no one is home.

Source: Inhabitat