How about an electrically powered scooter for your short distance travels that is made available via a vending system?

Industrial designer Vyasateja Rao has designed Scout (Short Commute with Urban Transportation) to encourage tourists and routine commuters to reduce their carbon footprint. The scooter is designed to be compact so that it can be placed at different locations in a city with ease. It sports a base system which has the controls and screen to act as an interface and reflects more than six different languages, making this machine truly global.

The user enters his journey details and is charged via credit card. It also shows the places of interest on the way and familiarizes the user with the unique culture of the city. Once the details are entered, the machine unlocks the scooter from its vending post. Users can also enter their wish list in the system and the Scout gets you the best price for it.

The scooter offers easy recharging from any conventional wall outlet.