Lotus's new sports car is 4WD and powered by electric motors. Mayeul Walser who is a transport design student at Creapole-Esdi in Paris has been working on a clean green sports car with the emissions of a bicycle for Russia.

His design is somewhat for the future, and unlike all other Lotus products, this one is made for mild off-road travel. Hence 4WD.

The 4WD vehicle will carry four electric motors on each of its wheels, which collectively will generate a total of 260 hp (190 kW). Driving the front wheels are a pair of 55 hp (40kW) motors, while at the rear a duo of 75 hp (55kW) motors power the back wheels. The car will also carry a four wheel steering to even better its handling and be easy on the driver who wants it to be a true off-roader.

Via: Diseno-Art