Marlies Romberg's Dear Diary 1.0 Workstation takes the wooden keyboards and PCs we are used to seeing and integrates them into a completely wooden workstation.

"Personally, I am fascinated by how the world is changing into a digital world. To me it seems that; the digital world is personal but not private at all. For example, when I Google to find information about a friend, I will most likely find information about his life, his pets, his company and maybe a review on a digital camera that he has recently written. Notice that the digital verb 'Googling' has recently got the status of a real verb in the Netherlands. Just another example how the two worlds become one." Dear diary 1.0 is thus both the literal and the figurative manifestation of the worlds colliding. A physical reminder that increasingly, the real and the digital are becoming indistinguishable.

It's deep, but at least I see Romberg's point—not like this ridiculous Spaceballs lamp. [Marlies Romberg via Moco Loco]