Streetlights powered by solar and wind energy.

Designers looking for ways to create a greener and better future always want their thrilling designs to take the final shape. While most designs remain on paper, either because of a lack of funding or because they use technology that hasn’t actually been developed, there are some designs that meet today’s demands using today’s technology. Urban Green Energy has designed a product that has met realism. The company is manufacturing hybrid street lamps that are powered by solar and wind energy.

The system can be installed on standard steel poles and carry two solar panels, developed by F3 Solar and either a vertical axis wind turbine or a horizontal axis one. The streetlamp is capable of generating up to 380W of green power, which is stored in the lamps battery system that powers the highly efficient LED lights through the night.

The overall design of the streetlamps makes them more of an art piece rather than a piece of standard looking streetlamps. With solar panels capable of generating 300W of green power and a wind turbine generating 80W we’re sure that the turbine would work easily if just one of the two resources is available during the day.

Via: Inhabitat