Rechargeable battery charged by motion.

Today’s era belongs to portable electronics, which in most cases come with their own rechargeable batteries that can be charged using a wall socket. However, since people won’t find wall sockets whenever they’re outdoors, certain outdoor gadgets still use the portable disposable battery. Normally most gadgets function on conventional AA or AAA-sized batteries that churn out 1.5volts. Since these batteries are disposable they end-up in the landfill where there toxins create a major environmental threat.

Rechargeable batteries are considered better for the environment, and industrial designers have always tried to find out ways to recharge these batteries outdoors using renewable energy. Since solar energy isn’t always a feasible option to recharge portable batteries and isn’t always available, designers have tried to incorporate other renewable energy systems in batteries that don’t depend on the climatic conditions.

Mint Energy is one such battery, which if developed will let users charge it by simply shaking it vigorously. The rechargeable metal hydrate battery carries a permanent magnet that moves between a coiled bobbin when shaken. As the magnet moves between the coil, electricity is induced, which recharges the battery.

Via: MintPass