Bus stop powered by energy generating slabs.

Recently we saw a solar-powered bus stop that was designed to green San Francisco. The bus stop is expected to do well, provided there is an ample amount of sunshine during the day, which is enough to charge the battery systems of the bus stop. Industrial designer Laurence Kemball-Cook is envisioning a different type of renewable energy generating bus stop that will definitely function be it a clear day or an overcast one.

Laurence knew that be it anytime of the day, people will always throng the city streets and bus stops, so instead of relying on Mother Nature for a charge, Laurence tried to convert the energy of walking people for a green charge, which can fuel the bus stops on-board battery packs. Once Laurence was clear on what to do he created power generating slabs known as “Pavegen”, five of which are embedded in the ground around the bus stop.

When people walk over these “Pavegens”, the energy generated is converted into a small amount of electricity which recharges the battery pack. Laurence believes that only 5% of the total energy per foot step is sued to make the paving slab and the bus stop glow.

Via: Laurence Kemball-Cook