Zero-emission concept car powered by electricity.

Concept car designers always try to bring their weird fantasies to some form for others to see and appreciate. Jongpil Shin is also one of those designers, who wants to see a completely transformed future, where cars won’t just be four wheels driving you to your office. Jongpil has designed a new concept car called the Arius, which will give life to the Batman in everyone of us.

The car adopts a slender body and fins for more interior space, an electric engine for a green ride and an aerodynamic shape for more speed. The two-seater car has been designed with crossed seats to get a better look at whom you’re riding with. It also facilitates communication between the two passengers, since the driver doesn’t have to turn around to talk to the co-driver. The designer doesn’t make a statement about the car’s performance, but considering the systems integrated in the design, we do expect some decent numbers there too.

Via: Xelopolis/CarDesignNews