Cruise ship fitted with renewable energy generators and energy saving systems.

Cruise ships are considered to be grave threats to the delicate ecosystem and the marine life. Celebrity Solstice seems to have started thinking about conserving the environment, by not actually running entirely on solar or wind energy, but installing systems that reduce its power requirement and save energy by switching to LED lighting technology.

Green Roof Service LLC has installed a 15,000 square foot green roof on the ship, which adds as touch of green to the presently polluting ship. The pristine roof won’t actually house species of the wildlife which it comes across when on sail, but will provide a green space for picnics and croquet.

The entire ship is illuminated with energy saving LED lighting, which is claimed to save up to 20% power. The ship is also powered by four hybrid engines, and all roofs have been fitted with solar panels. Advanced systems have been integrated to save water and recycle trash and waste as biomass. A run-off collection tank has also been introduced for the mammoth green roof.

Via: Treehugger