Dual-function gadgets powered by kinetic energy.

Energy is abundant and is present everywhere around us. The problem doesn’t actually lie in finding energy instead it lies in finding the proper means to convert energy into a usable form, which in most cases is electricity. Industrial designer Kevin Ho knows one such means of energy which can be present 24-hours a day and 7-days a week – kinetic energy.

Kevin has utilized kinetic energy to power a dual-function gadget he calls the Dyrio. The Dyrio is torchlight and a radio combo powered entirely by the energy generated by motion, which is converted into electricity by a dynamo. The energy generated by the dynamo is stored in the onboard batteries which then power its internal systems. Whenever the gadget runs out of juice, all you have to is to move it along a table to bring the dynamo’s wheel in motion, which charges the battery again.

Via: Behance