Rooftop solar plant capable of generating over 18MWs of clean energy to power Milan Trade Fair.

Solar energy systems, be it on roofs or in the Sahara Desert, are achieving new heights and new records with every new development being aimed to outshine the other. The Milan Trade Fair is the latest to enter the record books with the world’s largest rooftop solar plant to power the fair this year. The installation will be covering around 270,000 square meters of space and generate a whopping 18MW of green electric power to fuel the fair.

Sviluppo Sistema Fiera stated that they are currently checking bids for the approximately €80 million installation, and the winner will pay the Milan fair a rental fee in return, for which it will be able to market the green power generated. The plant will generate about 6MW more power than the current record holding rooftop solar plant that is owned by General Motors in Spain.

Via: Reuters