Low-emission hybrid scooter from Peugeot to be released next year.

Peugeot’s stunning three-wheeled green ride, the Hymotion, will be on the streets sometime next year. The design was showcased during last year’s Paris Car Exhibition as a prototype, which nobody expected to make a debut anytime soon. The single-seat scooter integrates the roof of a BMW C1 and two front wheels common with Piaggio’s MP3 in one package that adds more grace to its overall design.

According to the company the hybrid scooter will be powered by a conventional fossil-fuel 125cc engine, which is coupled with two electric engines. Peugeot claims that the Hymotion will offer the same performance as that of a 400cc scooter, but will consume just 2 liters for fuel for a 100km ride while emitting just 47gm of CO2 per kilometer. To even better the scooter’s mileage, a “Start & Stop” system has also been integrated that kills the engine when you’ve stopped at a traffic signal.

Via: MotorBiker