Zero-emission electric car saves on parking expenditures.

With city lanes getting more congested with the increase in the number of cars, a lack of parking space has always been an issue which most drivers have to confront. How about a car that serves as a balcony when you’re not driving in it? Obviously the idea hasn’t met realism till date, but car designer Roman Mistiuk thinks it can very well solve all parking woes. Roman has come up with a car dubbed the Metromorph, which doesn’t need parking space on the ground, but a window facing the road.

Powered by two in-wheel motors, which are fueled by two battery cases, the car promises a zero-emission ride as well. The futuristic concept can be parked vertically outside your apartment’s window, where it serves as a balcony. Once in balcony mode, the seats can be adjusted, which allows them to become lounge chairs for lying down and relaxing.

Via: Tuvie