Folding motorcycle powered by electricity.

For most people inner city travel conjures up images of stress, crowds, and slow, dangerous and polluting transit, which sucks out all the energy you had. Inspired by nature and natural forms, “Evergreen” by industrial designer Nick Fisher is designed to make the experience of getting around the city a pleasurable one, and uses symbolic forms, style and emotions of the “green” lifestyle to counter preconceptions of the daily commute, thus making the commute a calmer, more relaxed and safe affair, that most importantly minimizes the damaging effects of inner city travel on the environment.

The Evergreen will be about the same size as an average motorcycle and powered by a lightweight electric motor, with both the battery and motor housed in the rear wheel along with a luggage compartment big enough for a laptop or a briefcase. The most important aspect of the design is its ability to easily fold and be carried away like a trolley. So, if by any means the traffic isn’t letting you pass through with the complete motorcycle, you can always fold it and carry it away to the next street.