Concept lawnmower powered by solar energy.

Researchers estimate that a typical gasoline-powered lawnmower running for half an hour provides the same amount of emissions as a car driving 200km. This enormous emission and the noise produced by conventional lawnmowers have always made eco-conscious manufacturers figure out a way to make these machines clean. While manual reel mowers can also bring a touch of green to your mowing job, but the effort it requires makes most people leave the lawn untouched.

Industrial designer Frank Deveson has designed an innovative lawnmower that helps keep your lawn tidy, without making much noise and no emissions at all. The lawnmower is actually based on a normal reel mower with an electric backup. The design boosts manual effort with the use of high-power batteries through use of a torque sensing system that triggers the batteries on, only when the mower is pushed. On top of this, the batteries are charged with a photovoltaic panel that is mounted on top of the mower.