Trike powered by an all-electric engine.

T3 Motion has been developing all-electric vehicles for those who think Segways are as cool as their cars and for those who believe that electricity is the fuel to trust for a greener tomorrow. The company is again in the news, not with another ride for the cops but for a bigger market of commuter vehicles. The CT3 is the company’s latest EV that like many others comes with an electric engine and three wheels.

The CT3 is based on the company’s CT Micro Car NEV, and is powered by a lithium-polymer battery pack, which reportedly provides enough power for a top speed of over 45mph. The CT3 features all-wheel drive, full front and rear suspension, full front and rear independent hydraulic disc brakes and a compact design — perfect for daily commuter “around town” applications.

Other systems incorporated in the CT3 include a regenerative braking system to top up the battery and a highly rigid aluminum frame for an impressive and safe ride. The car is now trying to win the Progressive Automotive X-Prize by hitting the energy equivalent of 100mpg.

Via: Jalopnik